When it comes to luxury living in Ghana you can locate the best of the best in the capital city Accra. Accra is home to over 1.500 million people, expatriates and tourists included. Aside from the luxurious Hotels, Restaurants, Malls and beaches there are tons of apartment buildings with Top Penthouse suites available for rent/sale, […]

Of all the strategies for accumulating wealth, investing in Real Estate is probably the one that has been used the most frequently. More fortunes have been made in this arena than in any other field. While many others have become wealthy investing in the past, it’s exciting to know that you can still do it […]

Studio apartments are becoming an increasingly favorite selection for a lot of people, especially single young guys or young couples not looking to splurge too much on getting their own space.. Studios are generally one room apartments with a shared living and sleeping location. They typically have a little kitchen space at the same time […]